Geocomposite Drainage for ICF Foundations

Geocomposite Drainage for ICF Foundations

This article was written by Dwight Walker BA., A.Sc (Eng.), C.E.T, (M)ASCE, NSPE, the Technical Specialist from DMX Plastics Limited.  The article discusses ICF Foundations and DMX Plastics 5M product.

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DMX is a manufacturer of numerous market leading products. The focus of our company is to deliver the best solutions for moisture control.

From the control of moisture evaporating from the concrete slab in your basement to keeping soil water away from your warm comfortable basement or the drainage of corn fields so that farmers can reap a better harvest, DMX is at the forefront of the market.

We are a diversified, vertically integrated manufacturing company.

Our products DMX 1-Step, DMX AG and our DMX 5M  are all proudly manufactured in North America.

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DMX AG™ is the leader in Foundation Wraps. It is the air-gap membrane that exceeds today’s most demanding building codes.

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The unique air-gap design laminated to foam and high compressive strength of the DMX 1-Step underlayment provides a mold and moisture barrier under hardwood, lamenate and carpet. 


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